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Sacha Patires ~ Certified Yoga Instructor


Sacha Patires is a traveling yoga instructor based at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri with a passion for sharing her love of yoga with others. As the founder of I Do Yoga, she is a 275+ hour certified yoga instructor with a diverse range of certifications in Yin yoga, chair yoga, and restorative yoga, and is a master reiki practitioner and meditation practitioner. In addition to teaching, she is always expanding her knowledge and skills through ongoing education and personal practice.

Sacha believes that yoga is for everyone and that no one is a master of yoga; everyone is a student regardless of their level. She sees yoga as a lifestyle, not just exercise, and encourages her students to bring the lessons they learn on the mat into their daily lives. 

Her classes are a mix of vinyasa-style power yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, pranayama, and meditation, and are suitable for all levels of experience. She believes in keeping yoga simple and focused on the breath, body, movement, and present moment. 

When Sacha is not teaching yoga, she can be found practicing yoga for personal growth, traveling, cooking and eating delicious vegan food, and being a devoted mom to her girls and feline fur babies. Off the mat, her interests include non-toxic living, alternative healing modalities, herbs, homeopathy, vegan cooking, gardening, and self-care.


Sacha is also a workhorse and entrepreneur, owning several businesses, including Sparkle & Shine Organics, an organic, vegan bath and body company, and Whimsical Weddings & Events, an event planning company. Through these businesses, Sacha brings her love of health, wellness, and sustainability to a wider audience. 

Sacha extends her practice to a global audience through her YouTube channel, @idoyoga, offering free online classes, meditations, and workshops. Complementing her digital presence is her podcast, Life with Sacha, covering diverse lifestyle topics with enriching meditations interspersed throughout. Sacha's mission? To spread wellness and mindfulness to all.


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